Dakimakura Guide


A "Dakimakura" is a large pillow with an anime, manga, or gaming character from Japan. The name means "hugging pillow" or "love pillow."

It is similar to a body pillow with a high quality print 
on one or both sides. 

During the 1990s, dakimakuras began to intertwine with otaku culture, leading to the production of pillow covers featuring printed images from various anime or bishōjo games.

Today, some pillows may portray anime or gaming in suggestive poses.

Our dakimakuras are made with Japanese textile fabric ( also known as peach skin).  Japanese textile fabric is smooth, durable, and soft.

Our dakimakura covers and pillows are also machine washable (using a light setting). However, hand washing is highly recommended.

For best results:

1. Turn your dakimakura  inside out and wash separately from other items to prevent color transfer.

2. Use a mild, low-suds detergent

3. DO NOT use chlorine/ bleach or leave either in a wet state after washing. 

4. Air dry and iron your cover at a low temperature. 

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